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Personalizing the Field of Physical Therapy

Specializing in Manual Therapy


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"The Benefits of PT"

January 21, 2015


Physical therapists are experts in improving mobility and motion, and pain-free movement is crucial to your quality of daily life, your ability to earn a living, your ability to pursue your favorite leisure activities, and so much more.

Improve Mobility & Motion

Physical therapists work with their patients and clients of all ages and abilities to expand, restore, and maintain motion.

Avoid Surgery and Prescription Drugs

Many people are referred to a physical therapist in order to rehabilitate from a major medical trauma or surgery, but increasing research suggests that treatment by a physical therapist is often an equally effective - and cheaper - alternative to surgery and prescription drugs for numerous conditions ranging from back pain and degenerative disk disease to meniscal tears and knee osteoarthritis.

Participate In Your Recovery

Physical therapists routinely work collaboratively with their patients. Treatment plans can be designed for the patient's individual goals, challenges, and needs. Receiving treatment by a physical therapist is rarely a passive activity, and participating in your own recovery can be empowering. In many cases, patients develop an ongoing relationship with their physical therapist to maintain optimum health and movement abilities across the lifespan.

Study: Physical Inactivity Responsible for Twice as Many Deaths as Obesity

JANUARY 29, 2015

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About Us

At Speonk Physical Therapy, we offer a manual approach to healing. From orthopedic injuries to neurologic issues, we treat all ages and levels of function with the utmost care and consideration. We strive to be the Hamptons and East End's premier rehabilitation provider. Whether you are a college athlete or a weekend warrior, at Speonk PT we'll get you back in your game


Speonk PT is a small, privately owned, hands-on facility.  Our licensed therapists provide outstanding care to our surrounding communities including but not limited to: Speonk, Remsenburg, Westhampton, Quogue, Riverhead, Eastport, Manorville, East Moriches, Center Moriches, etc.

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